The taste for the beautiful belongs to us,

    in all its expressions.

    The team

    The interaction with a national and international clients contributed to consolidate a multi-disciplinary approach based on dynamism and accurate professionalism. Our experience in the furniture industry, our capability to customize each project, our sensibility to adapt  with the client’s expectations: this  is our most recognized value. A Total Outfit Project allows us to express at  best our capability “to dress” a concept and to appreciate its flavor.

    Our company  works with carpenters, blacksmiths, decorators. A network of specialized laboratories of the Italian taylor made excellence interacts  at best.

    But not only.

    Many photographers like Matteo Imbriani, Flavio Favero, Gian Paolo Serna, Gianni Antoniali, Alessandro Paderni  documented our realisations. And also set designers, stylists, art collectors,

    and a multitude of professionals enriches our cultural and stylistic background.

    Our ideal experience is related to any project that takes shape and translates into style. Interesting things are happening when the creative impulse is cultivated with curiosity, freedom and intensity.


    Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri


    Chief Architect

    Matteo Lualdi


    Interior Designer

    Manuela Valtolina


    Graphic Designer

    Matteo Meraldi


    Product Designer

    Pablo Molezún


    Interior Designer

    Maurizio Bergo


    Interior Designer

    Jacopo Ragona


    Product Designer

    Karla Martin


    Interior Designer

    Claudia Ratti



    Stefania Seveso



    Edoardo Riva


    Project Manager